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Good Grips Weighted Cutlery

Good Grips Weighted Cutlery

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This product is recommended by the National Tremor Foundation

Weighted Fork - £12.00 

Weighted Knife - £12.00

Weighted Spoon - £12.00

All of the Good Grips Cutlery boast large, cushioned handles, which are designed to be safe and comfortable for the user to hold, even when wet, and which are therefore ideal for those individuals with a limited grip strength or hand movement. The flexible ribs at one end of the handles give the user an extra secure grip, and the latex-free handles are soft enough to adapt to the size and grasp of each individuals hand. An important, and very useful feature of both the Good Grips Fork and the Good Grips Spoon is their twisting stainless steel shafts, which allow the user to bend the heads of the cutlery to any angle they want, if required. This ensures the most comfortable and efficient position is acheived for the user at the same time as reducing the stress on stiff and painfull joints from awkward and unatural twisting actions. 

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