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Quickie Q 50 R

Quickie Q 50 R

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Let your journey unfold with Q50R folding powerchair.

Fed up of clunky powerchairs that take up all the room? Say hello to the QUICKIE Q50R. The premium, space-saving folding powerchair that folds easily in seconds to the size of a suitcase - and has a battery range of 50km. Ideal for storing neatly away until you get the urge for adventure!


Folds in seconds, drives for hours.

Need an alternative to a clunky scooter but don't want to compromise on journey range and performance? Meet Q50R, the premium folding powerchair that stores away without the compromise on travel distance.

When folded, the Q50 R is so compact it can be easily stored away underneath the stairs, in the boot of a car, or hotel rooms when you're on the go. Thanks to its rear anti-tips, it’s easily moveable when standing upwards too.

There’s no troublesome mechanisms - just flip-up the clip at the back, fold the footplate and push the backrest downwards to fold the Q50 R straight to the floor. You don’t even need to remove the battery. How simple is that?


Outdoor features to get you from A to B

Places to go, people to see? The Q50R gives you more than just space-saving ingenuity, so when you want to leave the car at home, you can just un-fold and go.

Compact for storage and riding indoors

Experience the best of both worlds with the range of a scooter but the manoevrability of a powerchair, allowing you to get closer to objects and travel through tight spaces like never before. Worried about clipping the sides of your Q50R around the home? Don’t be - its slim 600 mm base width can fit easily through narrow doorways and negotiate busy rooms.

Unlike a mobility scooter, the Q50R has a small 1220 mm turning circle, making it ideal for indoor environments. Effortlessly turn in narrow hallways, kitchens and other restricted spaces without the need for complicated manoeuvres.


Optimised for comfort

Wherever you go, whatever you do, it’ll always be in premium comfort thanks to the Q50R’s tension-adjustable seat.

  • Frame Type:Foldable
  • Length:Min 86.5 cm, Max 109 cm
  • Seat Width :430 cm (cushion width)
  • Seat Height: 50 cm (without cushion)
  • Seat Depth: 45 cm (cushion depth)
  • Backrest Height: 45 or 55 cm
  • Armrest Height: 27 cm (from the base of the seat)
  • Castor Wheel: 8" solid
  • Drive Wheel: 12" solid
  • Colours: 3 colours: red, green and blue
  • Performance/Weights
  • Max. Range:50 km
  • Speed:6 km/h
  • Batteries:30 Ah, Lithium, 5.5 kg
  • Maximum Safe Slope:
  • Max Kerb Climb:5 cm
  • Drive Traction: Rear-wheel-drive
  • Light And Indicators: No
  • Electronics:VSI (Curtiss & Wright)
  • Min. Weight: 32 kg
  • Total Weight: 37.5 kg (including battery)
  • Maximum User Weight :136 kg

Available In-store Only

Please call us on 01925 416624 (Warrington Golden Square), 01925 240064 (Warrington CIL), 01925 251079 (Birchwood MILS) or 0151 709 0121 (Liverpool MILS), or call in to one of our Centres where many of these products are available to try before you buy. Our experienced staff will help you choose the right product for you.

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