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Sasha Single Motor

Sasha Single Motor

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A quiet and reliable single motor. One of the favorites in our range the Sasha riser chair, is lightweight at just 49kg and provides a smaller frame which is ideal for care homes or similar environments where the chair may need to move from one room to another. With a standard padded back it's ideal for anyone who doesn't want too many frills and extra cushioning. Two pockets either side of the chair provide storage for items you may use throughout the day such as TV remotes, tissues and tablets etc. With a simple single motor it provides a 'rise' or 'recline' action which is easy to use. This chair is also ideal for anyone who struggles to get in and out of a chair due to lack of muscle or joint problems as it will raise the user onto their feet from a seating position which reduces any fatigue or strain on the body.

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