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Straight Stairlift

Straight Stairlift

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 The Bespoke Synergy straight stairlift, simple in its operation yet detailed in design.

The compact design has a host of hidden features allowing you to reclaim your independence at home.

The Synergy is a simple to use stairlift that can transform your day-to-day life.


The Synergy leaves as much space as possible on the stairs for other users.

The chair and footrest folds neatly against the wall allowing other stair users easy access.


The Synergy uses one of the slimmest rails in the world, making the Synergy look less obtrusive with minimum impact to your home.


The Bespoke Synergy straight stairlift includes many features as standard, enhancing the practicality and usability within the home.


With the digital diagnostic display as standard, you can easily understand the Synergy stairlift and its status with the clear, backlit text.

This means the customer doesn’t need to decipher complicated digital codes, bleeps or flashing lights and less call-outs for you.


Alternative seat colors are available for the Synergy Straight.


The padded seat and backrest are made from high quality, machine-stitched, vinyl giving the user added comfort.


With easy to remove seat covers for a better clean, ensures the Synergy will always look its best.

We are one of the very few stairlift manufacturers to include removable covers on our stairlifts.


Ergonomically designed and easy to use, remote controls are supplied with the Bespoke Synergy as standard, giving the user total control of the stairlift.


The retractable seatbelt is comfortable and easy to adjust giving the user the best comfort and safety possible whilst operating the stairlift.

Two keys are included for locking the stairlift in an off position for added safety, preventing unwanted operation by children, young and old.

Stop sensors on the Synergy stops the stairlift from moving if an obstacle is in its way.


With a gentle turn of the handle, the seat turns to allow you to get on and off the Synergy with ease and confidence.

Available In-store Only

Please call us on 01925 416624 (Warrington Golden Square), 01925 240064 (Warrington CIL), 01925 251079 (Birchwood MILS) or 0151 709 0121 (Liverpool MILS), or call in to one of our Centres where many of these products are available to try before you buy. Our experienced staff will help you choose the right product for you.

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